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Boost your Procurement team through AI based automated spend classification.

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Turn your data management into decision making

A CPO’s ability to deliver visible and accurate supplier spend is pivotal to a company’s strategy. But the available data is often inaccurate, incomplete, from different sources and in different languages.

Artificial Intelligence is the key to unlocking all the data contained in your supplier invoices

That’s where Conciliator™ for Procurement comes in. Our award-winning solution uses state of the art Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms to continuously extract and analyze crucial data points from every supplier invoice and ERP extract, allowing full spend classification based on your company’s taxonomy with maximum accuracy.

Leverage your expertise through Machine Learning

Conciliator™ then effortlessly flags inconsistencies, matches invoices with purchase orders, guarantees contract compliance and triggers automatic cost-saving actions. CPOs using Conciliator™ have complete control over their supplier spend and can quickly find new cost optimization sources, such as mastering long tail spend and negotiating hidden spend categories.


Complete Spend classification

Reach a deeper understanding of your supplier spend through Artificial Intelligence. Conciliator™ continuously extracts each line contained in your supplier invoices and analyses your ERP extracts to automatically categorize your spend data based on your company’s own taxonomy.

New saving opportunities

Our unique combination of Machine Learning and Deep Learning enables you to easily find hidden saving sources and determine key spend categories to target for cost optimization. Use our patented business rules solution to trigger automated saving actions.

Increased productivity

Procurement process automation and spend management optimization means no more time-consuming checks, allowing valuable FTE to be spent on more value-adding tasks.


Extend the capabilities of Conciliator™ by building a dedicated App to maximize cost optimization on a given category. Check out our App store and our App development kit to build your very own App.

How it works

State of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies

Conciliator™ uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically extract and classify all data from your invoices, automate controls, processes and optimize businesses. AI means our Conciliator guarantees maximum accuracy and continuous improvement through Machine Learning.

Automated decision-making

Our solution takes any kind of data as input (invoices, purchase orders, contracts, price catalogs, inventories and usage data) and uses machine learning algorithms and our powerful rule engine to process and reconcile all data sources.

As a result, Conciliator™ automates decision making and all kinds of actions that will reduce your costs and optimize your business.

Advanced dashboards

We also provide advanced and customizable dashboards to let you continuously monitor your spend activity. Through our Spend analytics you will instantly identify abnormal spend patterns and new cost optimization sources.

Seamless integration

Conciliator™ is a SaaS solution for procurement professionals, requiring no integration with your IT ecosystem or user training. Its flexibility means it can ingest any structured or unstructured data, regardless of its location or format.

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