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Control and quantify your payroll data within a few minutes (French Market)

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Conciliator ™ PAY learns new rules everyday : your payroll data is under control.

5million on one month's contribution avoided by one of our customers thanks to Conciliator ™ PAY


Your paycheck hides unexpected resources: Conciliator ™ DSN makes suggestions for improvements.

30% less time to control payroll and social contributions from our clients.


Changes in future payroll, absenteeism rates after 2 months. Thanks to the predictive results based on massive data, Conciliator ™ PAY will surprise you.

4 Trade reports analyzed automatically after each DSN in M2M.


Choose the Digital Assistant that best fits your needs.

How it works

1. Retrieve your DSN files

The DSN files are the official social statements provided to the organizations. You have to keep them regardless of your payroll provider.

2. Ask us for an audit

In one day, you have a detailed view of your DSN-associated risks with correction recommendations by one of our DSN experts.

3. Secure any DSN repository

Our service allows you to automatically estimate the detailed risk level of your DSN prior to filing on Net Enterprise.

4. Automate your payroll control

With our standard connectors to major payroll software providers, you trigger hundreds of automatic checks every time you pay, so your payroll and DSNs improve every month.

Improve your payroll and DSNs every month

With our standard connectors to major payroll software providers, you trigger of automatic checks every time you pay.

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