How it Works

Dhatim Digital Assistants are built on top of Conciliator™, a new generation platform built around 3 Technologies.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is able to complete multiple tasks that can't be managed by humans because of the sheer volume and complexity of data as well as the high risk of error.

Deep Learning for automated invoice reading and categorization

We've developed a unique technology based on semantic analysis and deep machine learning that automatically recognizes and tags each element in your invoices according to its data type. Therefore, it's completely scalable and will handle any new invoices easily without the use of cumbersome templates.

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Rules engine

We have designed a rules engine optimized for cost and process optimization.
It's used to offer complete control on data (compliance with contracts, payroll and reconciliation with other data sources) and to automate any part of your procurement, finance and HR processes.
Its behavior is defined by business rules that are a translation of business expertize.
It's easily extensible, open and business rules are written without code.

Dhatim has developed Conciliator™, a unique online Cloud platform using Artificial Intelligence dedicated to cost optimization.

Conciliator™ provides its customer with flexibility, reliability, security and regular Cloud computing updates. All Conciliator Digital Assistants are build upon 4 core functions:


Data ingestion from any source in any format using smart connectors and machine learning.


Editing of business rules allowing any back office function experts to describe controls or actions to be performed.


Dashboards and BI allowing operational and C-level people to monitor controls, actions and access powerful predictive analytics.


Automated actions and decisions powered by machine learning for optimum process automation.

Development Kit for the Expert Community

Conciliator™ come with an Application Development Kit (ADK) that allows external experts to write their own cost optimization applications (digital cost optimization assistant for spend category X) and sell them as SaaS applications.

The ADK gives the external experts the ability to write their own rules in an editor and to provide a dashboard to end users using BI tools like Tableau software.

Our Conciliator platform can therefore easily be extended to build additional Cost Optimization Apps specialized in optimizing cost and processes. Building an app doesn't require programming skill seeing as we provide an App Development Kit (ADK) to let any third party expert write their own cost optimization App and sell it as a SaaS application. For an expert, a Cost Optimization App powered by Conciliator is the best way to automate and monetize his or her business knowledge at a large scale.

In a typical Cost Optimization App generation workflow, a third party expert uses the APK to setup all Conciliator-based modules from data to business rules, and can also add optional modules such as a claim generator or a spend intelligence feature. Once the Cost Optimization App is up and running, he or she can use it for custom optimization projects and publish it on the Dhatim Product Store.

Check out our store to see all of the Cost Optimization Apps that experts monetize everyday.




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