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Automate the control and handling of your supplier invoices.

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It's the best solution to get your supplier costs under control. It will help you understand, control and optimize your supplier costs by automating procurement activities:


Automated Invoice certification

Make sure you have a full understanding of your invoice and how each invoice line has the correct pricing and quantity

Automated Audit Recovery

Perform a global audit recovery of all your supplier past invoices to identify potential savings and generated automated claims

Increased Staff Productivity

Digitalize your Business Processes and optimize your organization (Finance Control, Accounting) through automatized actions enabling people to work on value added operations


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How it works

1. Get the most out of your data with our state of the art Artificial Intelligence technologies

Conciliator™ uses artificial intelligence to automate controls, processes and optimize businesses.

2. Automated decision

It takes any kind of data as input (invoices, contracts, price catalogs, inventories and usage data) and uses machine learning algorithms and our powerful rule engine to process and reconcile all data sources.

As a result, Conciliator™ automates decision making and all kinds of actions that will reduce your costs and optimize your business.

3. Advanced dashboards

We also provide advanced dashboards to let you continuously monitor Conciliator™'s actions. Classic invoice repositories only contain partial data from invoices (supplier name, data, reference, amount).

4. Semantic analysis

We've developed a unique technology powered by semantic analysis and machine learning to automatically extract and classify all data from your invoices.

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