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Founded in 2008, Dhatim is a leading FrenchCloud software provider that optimizes company costs and processes through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

Who we are

Dhatim Digital Assistants reduce company costs by up to 30% in three key departments: Procurement, Finance and HR.

Through the use of a patented rules engine and Artificial Intelligence, Dhatim Conciliator™ verifies, certifies and automatically decides which actions to trigger in order to help companies save time and money on billions of invoices and payroll processes worldwide!

More than €400M have already been saved by the world’s biggest companies such as Orange, Telefonica, Vodafone, Vodacom, L’Oréal and Bouygues.

Our Values

Innovation: at the heart of Dhatim's mission is the use of Artificial Intelligence to bring customers satisfaction

Game changer: Dhatim technology is disruptive in a world where differentiation is rare

Team spirit: be independent to live but close to win!

Customer Centric: Dhatim products are focused exclusively on client needs

Management Team

Thomas BOURGEOIS CEO of Dhatim and member of its Strategic Board
Pierre de CHASTELLIER CTO of Dhatim and member of its Strategic Board
David REMAUD Chief Marketing Officer
Patricia FRANCFORT Chief Financial Officer
Eric DUMENIL VP Professional Services
Mickaël SAUVÉE VP Engineering and DevOps
Sophie RIOTTOT VP Sales & Partners
Stéphane RODER VP Strategy

Board members and Investors

Marc ROUANNE President of the Strategic Board of Dhatim
Thomas BOURGEOIS CEO of Dhatim and member of its Strategic Board
Pierre de CHASTELLIER CTO of Dhatim and member of its Strategic Board
Amundi Partner at Amundi Private Equity Funds


Ayming and Dhatim partner to automate Enterprise payroll (French content)

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Dhatim represented France and Artificial Intelligence at the G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance

At G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance in berlin, Artificial Intelligence was one of the hot topic. Dhatim CEO, Thomas Bourgeois could share is view on automation, AI and Machine Learning and demonstrated how Conciliator, Dhatim platform…

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Conciliator automates Accounting thanks to Machine Learning

The manual entry of accounting parts in the accounting tool accounts for more than 50% of time and total cost. With the automation of that part using artificial intelligence, accounting firms can have it both…

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