The Digital Assistant for cost optimization

Conciliator™ optimizes costs and processes for Procurement, Finance and HR with Artificial Intelligence. Conciliator™ understands, controls your data and optimizes automatically your costs.

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The Digital Assistant for cost optimization

Dhatim winsThe Paris 2017 Procurement Award

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Conciliator™ for

Conciliator™ for


Optimize your supplier costs and processes with up to 30% achieved savings.

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Conciliator™ for

Conciliator™ for


Automate the control and handling of your supplier invoices.

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Conciliator™ for

Conciliator™ for


Control and quantify your payroll data within a few minutes (French Market)

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Our Digital Assistants provide measurable benefits leading to an average ROI equivalent to 3 months.

- Automation of manual processes

Our Digital Assistants perform tedious manual tasks, allowing operation people to increase their productivity by 30%.

- Comprehensive compliance

Our Digital Assistants perform hundreds of thousands of controls on whole sets of data, detecting hidden risks and revealing new sources of optimization.

- Automated savings

Our Digital Assistants use prescriptive analytics algorithms to make real-time decisions and to automate optimization tasks, which provides additional savings ranging from 5% to 30%.

How it works

One click access to hundreds of cost optimization and Artificial Intelligence experts.

- Built-in Artificial Intelligence

Conciliator™ is the only platform to feature end-to-end AI, Data science and Deep Learning integration in a seamless workflow.

- Store of Cost optimization applications

Conciliator™ comes with a unique store that enables cost optimization experts to publish and monetize their digitized expertize. Customers can therefore empower their Digital Assistant with hundreds of cost optimization experts from all over the world.

- Secured Cloud platform

Conciliator™ is flexible, reliable, secure and could based. ConciliatorTM automates internal processes with a code-free, non-intrusive and user-friendly approach for businesses.

What they say about us


"Right from the start Conciliator created an impressive opportunity pipeline for us to bear down on hidden costs. Dhatim’ s automation and smart Big Data analytics are helping the teams find out what they need to know and take actions that are delivering real benefits. Automation is challenging the team’s mindset and making them rethink how they work. In my experience, there are lots of revenue assurance systems out there that check suppliers. But in terms of margin improvement based on automated cross checking and validation of invoices Conciliator fits what’s needed. Dhatim has the people with the skillsets to help you manage and maximise Big Data analysis. Agile procurement is a pillar of our business and Dhatim Conciliator contributes to this goal."

Roger Dashwood Senior Category Manager at Vodafone Procurement Central TM


"We have enriched our Smart Building offering using Dhatim Conciliator. Leveraging their energy invoice and smart meter data, our enterprise customers can now control in detail and in real time their energy spend."

Olivier Gresle Directeur General ENGIE SSINERGIE

Senior Aerospace Calorstat

"I spent the entire afternoon on Conciliator for the first time with my payroll manager, who finds the platform awesome and I have to say she came back on what she said about the consistency of some controls when the consultant came this week. In any case the controls are much more intuitive using expert mode, great! We really appreciated the platform and the controls presentation is much clearer."

Yann Belliard Financial Director


"I am very impressed by the innovative technology developed by Dhatim. Using Big Data and AI to detect inconsistencies in invoices and generate cost savings is a great opportunity. For all companies. I am pleased to join this talented team who is carrying out a beautiful project and is fully commited to the wave of procurement digitization."

Pierre Lasry former CEO of Lowendalmasai, now known as Ayming, the leading international Business Performance consulting group

Start­up Eco­system

"CroissancePlus and Dhatim share the same entrepreneurship values. Dhatim brings to its customers a real expertise based on technological excellence. Today they focus on developing their business worldwide and hiring more and more talents."

Jean­-Baptiste Danet CroissancePlus Chairman

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